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Chinese Translator in Jharkhand, Ranchi

Chinese Interpreter in Jharkhand, Ranchi – Chinese Translator in Ranchi – The City of Ranchi, Jharkhand and Chinese Translation & Interpretation Services

Ranchi is the capital of the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is an important political, commercial, industrial and educational center of eastern India. The city is located on the plateau of Chota Nagpur. The area around Ranchi is rich in small rivers flowing from mountains, and is has rightly been named as the “City of Waterfalls.” The most famous waterfalls are Dasama, Hundru, Hirni, Gautamdhara (also known as Jhona falls) and Panchghag.

Subarnarekha River and its tributaries form the local river system. Several dams and canals ensure the water needs of the local population. The hilly topography and dense tropical forests in Ranchi are the source of relatively temperate climate relative to the rest of India.

The state of Jharkhand is very rich resources of natural minerals. It has huge deposits of minerals and home to about 40% of the total minerals of India. It is the only state in India that produces Coking Coal, Uranium and Pyrite. Deposits of Coal, Mica and Copper are also in great abundance.

During the British Raj, Ranchi was an important administrative and military base east of India, which has allowed it to become a center of trade and leading business.

Part of its economy is based on sericulture and manufacture of shellac, but it also flourishes in agriculture (green vegetables), and is a source of vegetable supply which not only to the entire state, but also to Bihar and Kolkata.

The city is home to many big conglomerates like: Heavy Engineering Corporation, Mecon Limited, Steel Authority of India, CCA, CMPDI and Shipping Corporation of India. Usha Martin Limited, a pioneer in the manufacture of steel cables, has also a state of art production facility here.

The Steel Authority of India (SAIL) has its R&D center in Ranchi established in 1974, and today it is the largest research center for steel in the country, employing over 350 scientists.

Ranchi is also hub of many well-known educational institutions like: St. Xavier’s College, established in 1940;  St. Xavier’s Institute of Social Service; National Institute of Psychotherapy; Ranchi University; Rajendra Medical College; Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

In recent years, many Indian and multinational companies are setting up their businesses and factories in the state, and Ranchi has seen an unprecedented progress after its separation from the state of Bihar. Large investments are coming to the state.

No doubt, when foreign companies setup their business in any new region, they need the services of language translators and interpreters to get their products and documents localized as well as understand local needs that are clearly communicated to business managers and top managements as well as executives.

In recent times, many Chinese companies are interested in the setting up their businesses in Ranchi in the sectors of coal, steel, telecommunication and banking. No doubt, there will be investments coming up and these companies need the help of good translation services agencies to facilitate their day to day activities with the authorities and transfer of technology besides legal activities.

In this regard, we at Lingo Chaps Translation Services are proud to offer our high quality Chinese Language Translation and Interpretation services in the city of Ranchi at very competitive rates.

Lingo Chaps Chinese Interpreter in Jharkhand, Ranchi

Lingo Chaps Chinese Translation Services

Our Chinese translation team consists of many experts and experienced translator. Each translator is specializes in a different area such as: legal, financial, and medical. We are India’s one of best Chinese language translation Services agency. Whether your needs big or small Chinese translation in India we are always there to assist you with all your translation needs at one stop.

We have a pool of professional translator, excellent Chinese engineers from various fields who can localize any software product, website or games.  All translations are independently checked by a second linguist or quality assurance by editors and project managers.

We offer our clients a convenient one stop solution for all their Chinese translation needs across India including Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Bokaro, Dhannbad covering all types of documents such as:

Financial documents, Technical documents, User manuals,  Legal documents,  Medical records, Residential Permits, Degrees,  Brochures, Marriage certificate, Birth Certificate, Driving License and other License, Passport and many others

Lingo Chaps Translators provide Chinese translation and interpretation services to clients in various cities in India and abroad. Our translation team comprises of professionally trained and experienced linguists, editors, quality control assistants, and programmers that are capable of handling translation projects in various domains. For the past 10 years, we have been providing Chinese language solutions in various areas, including:

·  Document translation·  Website-translation·  User Manuals Translation
·  Publishing Translation·  Media Translation·  Medical Translation
·  Certificate Translation·  Technical Translation·  Voiceover Translation
·  Software Localization·  Financial Translation·  Tourism Translation
·  Chinese Dubbing·  Chinese Legal Translation·  Manufacturing Translation Services
·  Subtitling  & Captioning Services·  Desktop Publishing Translation·  Chinese Patent Translation

 In case you need the services of a top quality native professional Chinese interpreter in Jharkhand, Ranchi or even translator to convert any type of text from Mandarin into English or English into Mandarin (both simplified and traditional), we are here to help you out at very competitive prices. Just call us on +91 7060201092 or drop an email to