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Russian Language Translators & Translation Services in India

Russian is spoken as a native language by more than 160 million speakers, while almost a similar number of people use it as their second language. This brings the distinction for Russian language to be the fifth most widely spoken language around the world. It is also the primary language for communication in the erstwhile Soviet bloc region spanning from Eastern Europe to Central Asia.

Russian has the status of official language in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Belarus besides being one of the official languages used at the United Nations

With over 38 million Internet users who are Russian-speaking, it is the ninth in the list of the most common Internet languages.

Russian is a Slavic Language that has roots, along with other fellow Slavic languages, in Old Church Slavic. It is today’s most extensively and widely used language in Europe as compared by the number of people speaking it. The language is written in Cyrillic script, developed by St Cyril in the 9th -10th Centuries.

Russian is also considered as one of the exceptionally difficult languages to translate and learn for native speakers of English language. It takes many years to achieve proper understanding and proficiency.

About Russian Language

The Russian economy as amongst the fastest growing and the Russian state being and industrial and military superpower, Russia has evolved as a hub for growing international cooperation and business relations. Knowledge of Russian business practices and understanding of proper Russian business etiquettes are considered essential for your success in expending your business association in Russian speaking regions.

Few business tips while dealing with your Russian counterparts are:

  • Start with a firm handshake while maintaining eye contact.
  • Wear conservative and dark colored attire for business meetings.
  • Showing the sole of your shoes to other in the room is considered disrespectful.
  • In their efforts to negotiate the best deals from you, you can expect your Russian counterparts to pretend to get angry, walk out of the negotiations and talk about ending the business relationship altogether.
  • Avoid high pressure tactics in negotiations.
  • While you can expect your Russian counterparts to arrive late at times, it is expected that you will reach for meetings on time, if not a bit early.

Some of the values that are highly honored in most of the Russian speaking countries and regions are:

  • Collectivity
  • Conformity
  • Formality
  • Patience
  • Trust and Loyalty

Since Russian language can be hard to translate, it is imperative to use services provided by a translation service provider that is experienced and well-versed in Russian language translations for your business. It is advisable to employ a translation company with global presence and a team of Russian speakers, who are familiar with the Russian language specifics and socio-cultural nuances.

Our Russian Translation Team
  • All our Russian translators are subject matter experts and apart for an eye for details, have extensive translation experience.
  • We have our translators based in numerous countries across the world. This enables us to make our services available to you 24×7.
  • We hire all our translating professionals after stringent recruitment tests and thoroughly investigating their subject matter knowledge and linguistic skills.
  • We ensure optimum quality output through the implementation of rigorous quality checks at all stages of the translation process.

We are proud to have a carefully selected translation team of Russian speakers who are masters in many academic disciplines. Look no further, your search for confident and professional Russian language translators ends with us.

A project manager coordinates the Russian translation process from the beginning of the interaction to end and also allocates to the project the most appropriate Russian translators based on the context of the translation required. All work done by the Russian translations is proofread by editors to ensure accuracy.

Our Russian Translation Services:

Guided by the exchange priority of information between the two nations, Russian language translation, localization and interpretation services can mainly be classified under the following categories:

  • Translation & localization services
  • eLearning
  • Software localization
  • Website translation
  • Legal document translation
  • Survey Translation
  • Certificates (police certificates, licenses, passports, diplomas, degrees, university migration documents etc.)
  • Thesis translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Pharmaceutical Translations
  • Research papers translation
  • Translation for Defence Institutions & Factories
Where we offer our Russian Language Translation Services?

We provide top class services in all the major cities of India including Agra, Amritsar, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Delhi, Ernakulam, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Haridwar, Indore, Jabalpur, Jaisalmer, Jalandhar, Jamshedpur, Kanpur, Kochi, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Mathura, Mountabu, Mysore, Manali, Nagpur, Nainital, Noida, Patna, Pondicherry, Portblair, Pune, Secunderabad, Shimla, Surat, Thiruchchirapalli, Udaipur, Vadodra, Varanasi, Visakhapatnam.

How to contact us?

You can contact us 24×7 at +91-9319666453 or email at for a quick quote for any type of Russian to English and English to Russian Language Services including translation, interpretation, localization, voice-over, sub-titling, Software Localization, Website Localization, Game Localization, Dubbing Services and any other services.