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Lingo Chaps Japanese Translator in Amritsar

Japanese Translator in Amritsar – Japanese Interpreter in Amritsar – Japanese Translation and Interpretation in the city of Amritsar

Amritsar is the most well-known city of the state of Punjab, historically also known as Ramdaspur and in ordinary language referred by common people as Ambarsar, is a city in north-western part in India and is also the administrative headquarters of the Amritsar district in the state of Punjab. Amritsar is also the religious center of the Sikh people.

Total population of Amritsar was 1,132,761 as known from the records of 2011 census. The city is situated 217 km (135 mi) northwest of state capital Chandigarh. Amritsar is very near to Pakistan, with the Wagah Border being only 28 km (17.4 mi) away from the city center. The nearest city from Amritsar in Pakistan is Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan, located 50 km (31.1 mi) to the west of Amritsar.

Hinduism and Sikhism are the main religions of Amritsar city, practiced by 49.36% and 48% of the total population.

Amritsar is home to the Harmandir Sahib (commonly known as the Golden Temple), the spiritual and cultural center for the Sikh religion. This important Sikh shrine attracts more visitors than the Taj Mahal with more than 100,000 visitors on weekdays alone and is the most popular destination for non-resident Indians (NRI) in the whole of India. The city also houses the Akal Takht, the highest seat of earthly authority of the Khalsa, and the committee responsible for the upkeep of Gurdwaras.

Amritsar being a tourist spot houses many industries. It has a total of four industrial areas  having different kind of industries like Food products & Beverages, Textile industries, Coke, Refueled petroleum & Nuclear fuel, Chemical industries, Non-metallic mineral products, Machinery & Equipment, Transport equipment, etc. Amritsar is also home to various Japanese companies which have their manufacturing plants and offices in the Amritsar district. Proper work functioning of these companies requires the need of language translation and interpretation.

Lingo Chaps Japanese Language Translation and Interpretation in Amritsar

Lingo Chaps Japanese Translation Services in Amritsar

To fulfill this demand, we at Lingo Chaps provide high quality Japanese translation and interpretation services with reasonable rates in Amritsar and all over India. We provide our clients with best Japanese translation services; at our agency we have in house Japanese translators for Japanese to English translation and for English to Japanese language translation we have native translators as for Japanese to English translation the translator has to have more thorough knowledge of the language. Our Japanese translators and interpreters are not only proficient in spoken and written Japanese and English languages, but also experts in their respective fields.

Lingo Chaps Japanese Language Translation and Interpretation Services Agency in Amritsar


Lingo Chaps Translation Services is an India based translation agency. Our Japanese translators and interpreters are highly experienced and native speakers of Japanese language. Our technical, legal and general expert, subject editors and highly skilled professional team look after the translated content to ensure quality, correctness and completeness in the final work of project given to us. Our Services include translation, interpretation, localization and any other related services.


Guided by the exchange priority of information between the two nations, Japanese language translation, localization and interpretation services in India can mainly be classified under the following categories:


E-Learning, Software localization, Website translation, Technical Translation (AUTO CAD, Drawings, Specifications, User Manuals, Standards, Instructions etc.), Legal document translation, Survey Translation, Certificates (police certificates, licenses, passports, diplomas, degrees, university migration documents etc.) Thesis translation, Research papers translation.

For the past 10 years, we have been providing Japanese language solutions in various areas, including:

  • Document translation ·  Website-translation          ·  User Manuals Translation
  • Publishing Translation ·  Media Translation                        ·  Medical Translation
  • Certificate Translation ·  Technical Translation      ·  Voiceover Translation
  • Software Localization ·  Financial Translation       ·  Tourism Translation
  • Japanese Dubbing ·  Japanese Legal Translation         ·  Manufacturing Translation Services
  • Subtitling & Captioning Services          ·  Desktop Publishing Translation ·  Japanese Patent Translation

In case you need the services of a top quality native professional Japanese translator in Amritsar or Japanese interpreter in Amritsar to convert any type of text from Japanese into English or English into Japanese, Punjabi to Japanese, Hindi to Japanese, and so on we are here to help you out at very competitive prices. Just call us on +91 9319666453 or drop an email to