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5 ways a voice-over recording can Likely benefit your e-learning business

How do you impress your audience with an effective e-learning course? This is one of many questions that can plague e-learning business owners. Although there are several ways to impress your audience, the winning factor is using voice-over recordings to do so. Don’t believe it? Here are five other reasons to use voice actors.

How to benefit from Voice-over Recordings for an E-Learning business?

Here are five advantages you can get by using voice-over recordings.

1. It helps reach more people: To reach as many people as possible you should offer your e-learning courses in as many languages as possible. However, this also requires a great deal of time, effort, and money. Due to this, most companies can only offer e-learning programs in English right now, even though millions of people speak other languages.

However, there’s a much easier way to reach even more!

Hire a Voice-over Professional

Voice recordings are perfect for non-native speakers of English who don’t understand all the vocabulary. And they’re perfect for anyone who prefers to learn on their own terms and at their own pace. Professional voice-over experts know how to deliver your message in a way that is easily understood. Also, they know how to use different voices for different characters, so they can convey your message in a way that draws your audience in.

2. Alternate to Subtitles:

The use of subtitles in e-learning courses is an increasingly popular method of delivering content and making courses available to anyone with hearing loss and/or impaired sight.

Subtitles are a great way to translate e-learning content into multiple languages, but they can be unattractive and can sometimes detract from the on-screen visuals.

For many people, subtitles are the second-best option. But voice-over recordings enable e-learning companies to deliver their courses to a wider audience.

Subtitles are important because they enable people who are deaf or hard of hearing to access e-learning content. Subtitled e-learning courses are also popular with learners whose first language isn’t English.

However, using only subtitles can limit the reach of e-learning. Subtitled e-learning courses can also mean learners are missing out on key on-screen visuals, which can detract from the learning experience.

3. Better Storytelling: Stories are effective sources of information for many people. People can easily recall stories for weeks or even months. Storytelling is what people love. They are always excited to hear stories. The more engrossing the story is, the better its impact on people is.

Voice-over narration in e-learning helps students retain information for a longer period of time. Moreover, the learning process is also found to be effective with this method. Voice-over recordings bring hierarchy and organization in the content delivery of an e-learning course.

4. Learning on the go: A recording such as an audiobook lets the user listen to the content when they want, which is paramount in their ability to absorb and retain the information.  It is also useful in different environments when you do not have access to a quiet place to read an e-book. You can browse at work or in your car without drawing too much attention. Reading on a tablet is okay but it does not offer the same experience as listening to a voice over for example.  It is also easy on the eye and allows you to concentrate on just one

Audio content in your e-Learning products will help users absorb information while on the go.

5. Add more options to grow your business: With the e-Learning industry booming both in B2B and B2C sectors, many corporate learning professionals are beginning to see the value of high-quality voice-over recordings. Once considered a luxury reserved for training products geared toward consumers, this powerful instructional tool is now being implemented in enterprise-level corporate learning solutions at a growing rate.

A professional voice-over can drive your audience to action, with a high retention rate.

On the downside, getting the voice-over recordings right can be costly and time-consuming. Finding a source of high-quality voice acting talent with a capable team to record your project can seem impossible. Maybe you’re working on a video game for release around the world. Or perhaps you’re creating an online tutorial for people of different nationalities. Whatever your project, you need a solution that works for you, regardless of the scope or size of your recording needs. This process can be unnecessarily tiring.

There is a growing interest among online learners in audio and visual learning materials. It is time to think about how we can include audio recordings in e-learning courses.

Lingochaps voice-over recordings are available in 70+ languages and dialects, with professional audio engin