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We make it happen right. And we make it happen now.
are highly professional and affordable. We offer transcription services for both audios and videos.
Lingo Chaps is the most reliable provider of professional Transcription Services. We provide high quality, fast turnaround transcription services at a fair price. With the help of our industry specialists, we can handle projects of any nature, whether legal, medical or general. Our audio and video transcription services are unsurpassed.

Best Transcription Service provider in India

We provide transcription services in 120+ languages from Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Asian, European Languages with millions of speakers around the world, to local dialects that only have a few hundred thousand native speakers. Through decades of experience, we have been assisting clients in communicating across continents and around the globe. We also provide on-demand on-site transcription services and live video transcription. We always double-check the accuracy of our transcriptions.

Transcription is something that we offer in an array of areas, including legal transcription, video transcription, audio transcription, market research transcription, academic research transcription, media transcription, business transcription, and voicemail transcription.

With our no-risk, satisfaction guarantee policy, we are rated India’s Most Reliable Transcription Service Provider. Our clients benefit from fast, accurate Transcriptions and simple processes.

Process that is fail-safe.

Transcribers associated with our company are native speakers with high motivation. A streamlined Transcription workflow methodology coupled with a drive to succeed and an aversion to failure enable initial Transcribers to maximize accuracy and diligence. Additional Transcribers have great dedication when they’re sitting for a second or final review (3rd level) on their work.

Complete Transcription Accuracy

Highly skilled people operate under very detailed guidelines that require excruciating attention to detail. Every transcripted file has to pass these strict guidelines, including being analyzed, proofreading, and then re-proofread again. With our precision, experience, and commitment to quality, We can’t be matched by any other company.

We guarantee delivery on time.

To deliver high-quality translation projects in the shortest amount of time, we have developed a unique workflow methodology that leverages the Internet, geographic location, and the professionalism of top minds. Besides onsite experts, we also work with a large number of professional transcribers strategically working across global time zones and doing Transcriptions from their workspace.