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Translation services for the manufacturing industry, translation partners where manufacturers find solutions.
Our services, global presence and team of experts enable manufacturers to be innovative and deliver their message to target audiences in their own language. At Lingo Chaps, we offer high visibility into our community by providing Translation & Interpretation services relating to Marketing, Sales, Technical Training/Support, R&D and Management and more. We supply over a million words monthly to companies looking to break into new markets or renegotiate contracts in existing ones. Our agency is the top choice for manufacturers looking to market themselves in different countries. We are the top choice for manufacturers looking for professional translation services. For more than 15+ years, we’ve translated documents, websites, and software applications for a variety of clients. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the translation service that we provide. we have the resources and expertise to help you ensure your industrial products are correctly translated. We offer our clients in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry, by using over 15+ years of experience in the translation business. Once you have decided to pursue a translation project with us, we can help you through each step in the process.


Our extensive network of translators and interpreters, along with a team of professionals, ensures a comprehensive end-to-end service. From the planning stages all the way through to completion, we provide the highest quality translation services for the manufacturing industry.