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Getting The Best Voice-Over artist For Your Dream Project, here are 9 Simple Tips

A successful project demands not only the most suitable voice for a commercial, audio-book character, promotional business video, or TV narration, but also other qualities, abilities, and assurances that will contribute to the project’s success. If you really want to find the best voice-over artist for your needs and budget, there are a few guidelines and tips you need to keep in mind.

When choosing a Voice-over artist, you should consider these nine factors.

1. Experience

If an actor has done voice work before, you can assume they know what they’re doing. And if they have vocal samples, along with some referrals and testimonials this makes it easier for you to assess whether or not they’re any good. However, if the audition doesn’t sound like a good fit for you, don’t dismiss it immediately. You could have a shot at being perfect for something you didn’t even think about.

In spite of not being the best actors, if they have the right tone and voice, you can direct them to achieve exactly what you want.

2. Enunciation

A key skill of a voice-over artist is expressing words clearly and accurately. Poor vocal clarity can sometimes hinder great voices. You should listen to the samples to ensure that the actor speaks clearly and confidently. If they provide a link to their work on a video-sharing website, listen to the master version of the soundtrack carefully.

If you are interested in auditioning artists, you can review their portfolios beforehand. If your project requires actors to be able to speak with a regional accent, you should include words and phrases that reflect that accent.

3. Vocal range

The more voices you expect your voice actors to tackle, the bigger the vocal range they need to be able to demonstrate. Since their work on your project will greatly affect your success, carefully review their recordings to determine whether they are talented enough for the job.

4. Rate

You can get a good idea of how much you’ll need to pay when you hire a voice-over artist by looking at his or her rate guide. While the gig economy has opened up employment opportunities for people of all skill levels, it’s challenging to identify who is qualified for the job. In the voice over industry, there are novices who charge low rates because they’ve not yet mastered their craft. In contrast, experienced voice actors can charge astronomical fees.

Don’t be swayed by “actors” who tell you they are in high demand when the reality is they are not. If you want to work with an actor, talk to them about their background and experience. If it impresses you, go for it. But make sure you know how much they will charge before you sign on the dotted line.

5. Training

If a voice-over artist has training credits, it means he or she received coaching from a reputable teacher. Voice actors with this training can be expected to provide better quality and consistency.

6. Clientele

It should not be a problem for voice actors who are continually employed or who worked some years before taking a break for family or other reasons to share their client list.

Professional voice actors who have worked with established names and local businesses will be able to offer you references if you need them. To determine whether they’re a good fit for your needs, look at their recent projects and past experiences.

7. Service quality

See if there are any client reviews and testimonials on the VO actors’ websites, or if possible, ask two or more of their clients about the actor’s punctuality, reliability, and attitude.

8. Voice acting

In the past, voice-over artists were often stuck with a single character and didn’t have the chance to explore their range. Today, however, there is a much higher demand for a wider range of voices, which means a lot more flexibility for voice actors. Experience with video games is a plus. Consumers today expect to be engaged, not lectured.

9. Availability

You are better off hiring a full-time voice-over artist as they have one work priority, versus part-timers who may have other obligations. Therefore full-time voice actor should be on your priority list.

Consider your project and the overall experience of the voice over actor carefully before hiring a voice-over artist. The right voice actor can create a memorable experience for your audience and will enhance your overall project.