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Localization is not a cost. It’s an investment
are designed to help global companies build products for market entry into dozens of countries around the world.
What we say doesn’t necessarily convey what we mean!

with that said, Products or Services Localization and Adaptation is the cultural translation and adaptation of a product or service from one language to another to ensure that it is completely consistent with the specific social, cultural and legal requirements of a target market.

Lingo Chaps provides localization consulting services for both pre-and post-localization needs.

If you want to enter a new region, culture, or market with your product or service, you’ll need our cultural experts by your side to ensure your product or service meets cultural requirements.

Our localization services include the following: Translation by expert linguists with deep subject matter expertise. Transcreation or adaptation of slogans, catchphrases, and taglines to resonate with target audiences. The localization of multimedia materials including images, case studies, infographics, and videos. Text extraction to facilitate translation and, etc.

As an example, here are some of the things that we can localize for you: Website translation, Currency formats, Localization of video games, Graphic localization, Product descriptions, Educational materials, Banners

With our no-risk, satisfaction guarantee policy, we are India’s Most Reliable Localization Service Provider. Simple and fast processes allow us to provide accurate and smooth Localization services to our clients.

Process that is fail-safe.

Translators associated with our company are native speakers. A streamlined Localization workflow methodology coupled with a drive to succeed and an aversion to failure enable initial Translators to maximize accuracy and diligence. Bringing your website, app, game Localization to the next level.

Complete Localization Solution

Highly skilled people operate under very detailed guidelines that require excruciating attention to detail. We hand-pick the Native Translators that best fits your project requirement. With our end-to-end support, you’ll be able to reach millions of audiences worldwide.

We guarantee delivery on time.

To deliver high-quality Localization projects in the shortest amount of time, we have developed a unique workflow methodology that leverages the Internet, geographic location, and the professionalism of top minds. Besides onsite experts, we also work with a large number of professional translators strategically placed across global time zones by doing Translation and Localization from their workspace.