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Lingo Chaps is a specialized translation agency connected to the global pharmaceutical and life-science industry. We look after special needs and complex projects for major international and national players and provide the resources and flexibility to make sure we meet client needs.
Since ages, mankind across the globe has been working hard to discover and invent solutions to its problems related to life including their health and medicines. It took ages for any information related to one medicine in any geography to get across to other places of the globe. It was not only the distance or lack of transport that prevented information from reaching others, but the language barrier also played its part. In the last couple of centuries, the movement of people has been growing at an exponential rate, thus resulting in the sharing of information between people and scientists across geographies. This sharing of information has facilitated development in technology and a better life for people. Information received from one geography will be useless until it is not in the language understandable to the intended people; so, translation from one language to another comes into play facilitating the timely flow of information and knowledge.

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Message Submit For example, at the beginning of the twentieth century, any medicine or vaccine after its invention took decades to reach the market, leave alone other geographies. Scientists were working in almost isolation, and there could have been instances where similar research could have been done by multiple scientists and researchers.

As of today, the scenario has completely changed and the information related to any such research is shared almost on a real-time basis as per set regulatory guidelines making repetitive tasks redundant thus leading to improved efficiency and market access.

Pharmaceutical companies work in close cooperation with various entities such as healthcare institutions, research organizations, government bodies, laboratories etc located across the world and for this purpose they need an interface in the form of translators that are qualified enough with the experience to get the message across clearly and promptly thus eradicating chances of any miscommunication.

So, we can say that translation plays a very critical role in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma companies take no chance on this component of their business process as they understand how important it is to have clear communication.


We make a difference by understanding the technical terminology required to provide a smooth and efficient workflow for our clients’ projects. We give you more flexibility, efficiency and control over your translation work.

Samples before placing orders.

We have a huge database in over 80+ languages, please feel free to ask for samples before you assign the project. Charges vary depending on the artist you select.

High quality Human Voiceovers

Highly skilled people operate under very detailed guidelines that require excruciating attention to detail. We use Professional Human voices for our clients projects.

We guarantee delivery on time.

To deliver high-quality Voiceover projects in the shortest amount of time, we have developed a unique workflow methodology that leverages the Internet, geographic location, and the professionalism of top minds.